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BR 5 plank B477060


B477060 was built at Ashford in 1950, to diagram 1/034 and lot 2153. BR diagram 1/034 was identical to SR diagram 1375 and LNER diagram 210 - an example of the latter on the GCR is E312422. It's a standard 5-plank 'high' open wagon with an all-wooden body with small centre drop-down doors on each side, and when new they were unfitted, although most (including these two) received vacuum brakes during BR service. Some examples (but neither of these two) were fitted with tarpaulin bars. B477060 is different, however, as at some point in BR service it was modified with full-length drop-sides. The precise purpose of this modification is unknown but a similar modification was also carried out to a 1945-built GWR wagon W27038 (later BR internal user 041207) and it is thought that both were used as test weight carriers, so it is possible that the modification was in connection with this. It would appear from the above the B477060 is thus unique. Even more so since September 2009 when its owner agreed to it being repainted in Mountsorrel Granite Company livery to promote our project to restore this branch line. The livery is an accurate recreation of a livery applied to many 5 plank wagons during the branch lines operation. However it should be pointed out that B477060 never previously carried this particular livery. Nevertheless we hope you agree it makes a nice change! (our thanks to Nick Tinsley for allowing the wagon to be restored in this way, and Phil Hetherinton for the wagon history).