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P�O�T� �8�0�4�0�1� �h�a�s� �n�o�w� �l�e�f�t� �t�h�e� �p�a�i�n�t� �s�h�o�p� �a�t� �R�o�t�h�l�e�y� �a�n�d� �i�s� �s�e�e�n� �h�e�r�e� �a�t� �Q�u�o�r�n� �a�t�t�a�c�h�e�d� �t�o� �t�h�e� �r�e�s�t� �o�f� �t�h�e� �T�P�O� �s�e�t�.� �T�h�i�s� �v�i�e�w� �s�e�e�s� �8�0�4�0�1� �o�n� �t�h�e� �l�e�f�t� �w�i�t�h� �8�0�3�0�1� �a�t�t�a�c�h�e�d� �t�o� �i�t� �a�l�o�n�g� �w�i�t�h� �t�h�e� �o�t�h�e�r� �f�i�v�e� �M�a�r�k� �1� �T�P�O�s� �a�t� �t�h�e� �G�C�R�.� �T�h�i�s� �n�o�w� �m�e�a�n�s� �t�h�a�t� �R�V�P� �h�a�v�e� �a� �r�a�k�e� �o�f� �s�i�x� �M�a�r�k� �1� �T�P�O�s� �i�n� �t�h�e� �1�9�5�9� �P�o�s�t� �O�f�f�i�c�e� �r�e�d� �l�i�v�e�r�y�,� �w�i�t�h� �j�u�s�t� �8�0�3�0�7� �t�o� �b�e� �o�v�e�r�h�a�u�l�e�d�.���


POT 80401 has now left the paint shop at Rothley and is seen here at Quorn attached to the rest of the TPO set. This view sees 80401 on the left with 80301 attached to it along with the other five Mark 1 TPOs at the GCR. This now means that RVP have a rake of six Mark 1 TPOs in the 1959 Post Office red livery, with just 80307 to be overhauled.

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