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I�n� �w�h�a�t� �i�s� �b�e�l�i�e�v�e�d� �t�o� �b�e� �t�h�e� �f�i�r�s�t� �t�i�m�e� �s�i�n�c�e� �t�h�e�i�r� �r�e�s�t�o�r�a�t�i�o�n� �2�4�2�7�8�,� �4�0�5�0� �a�n�d� �1�7�1�9� �h�a�v�e� �b�e�e�n� �f�o�r�m�e�d� �i�n�t�o� �t�h�e� �s�a�m�e� �t�r�a�i�n� �f�o�r�m�a�t�i�o�n�.� �T�h�e� �t�h�r�e�e� �G�r�e�s�l�e�y� �d�e�s�i�g�n�e�d� �v�e�h�i�c�l�e�s� �a�r�e� �s�e�e�n� �a�t� �R�o�t�h�l�e�y� �h�a�v�i�n�g� �b�e�e�n� �r�e�a�d�i�e�d� �f�o�r� �N�e�v� �G�o�o�d�m�a�n�'�s� �f�u�n�e�r�a�l� �o�n� �1�8�/�1�1�/�2�0�1�3�.���

Gresley Set

In what is believed to be the first time since their restoration 24278, 4050 and 1719 have been formed into the same train formation. The three Gresley designed vehicles are seen at Rothley having been readied for Nev Goodman's funeral on 18/11/2013.