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T�h�i�s� �v�i�e�w� �o�f� �t�h�e� �s�h�e�d� �s�i�t�e� �w�a�s� �t�a�k�e�n� �o�n� �1�s�t� �M�a�y� �2�0�1�4� �a�n�d� �s�h�o�w�s� �t�h�e� �c�e�n�t�r�e� �l�i�n�e� �f�o�u�n�d�a�t�i�o�n�s� �c�o�m�p�l�e�t�e�,� �w�i�t�h� �t�h�e� �o�u�t�e�r� �f�o�u�n�d�a�t�i�o�n� �d�i�g�g�i�n�g� �v�i�s�i�b�l�e� �f�o�r� �c�o�n�c�r�e�t�i�n�g�.� �T�h�e� �t�r�a�c�k� �h�a�s� �b�e�e�n� �m�o�v�e�d� �a�g�a�i�n�,� �t�o� �a�l�l�o�w� �c�e�m�e�n�t� �l�o�r�r�y� �a�c�c�e�s�s� �f�o�r� �t�h�e� �o�u�t�e�r� �f�o�u�n�d�a�t�i�o�n�s� �t�o� �b�e� �c�a�s�t� �i�n� �o�n�e� �g�o�.� �T�h�e� �t�r�a�c�k� �i�s� �n�o�w� �i�n� �t�h�e� �f�i�n�a�l� �p�o�s�i�t�i�o�n�s� �o�f� �r�o�a�d�s� �2� �a�n�d� �3�.���

Shed Site

This view of the shed site was taken on 1st May 2014 and shows the centre line foundations complete, with the outer foundation digging visible for concreting. The track has been moved again, to allow cement lorry access for the outer foundations to be cast in one go. The track is now in the final positions of roads 2 and 3.

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