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W�h�i�l�s�t� �w�o�r�k�i�n�g� �o�n� �t�h�e� �p�i�g�e�o�n� �v�a�n�/�a�m�b�u�l�a�n�c�e� �c�a�r� �B�G�P� �4�1�4�9� �w�e� �d�i�s�c�o�v�e�r�e�d� �h�u�n�d�r�e�d�s� �o�f� �c�h�e�w�i�n�g� �g�u�m� �w�r�a�p�p�e�r�s� �t�u�c�k�e�d� �i�n�t�o� �t�h�e� �b�a�s�e�s� �o�f� �t�h�e� �r�o�o�f� �h�o�o�p�s�.� �I�'�v�e� �f�o�u�n�d� �o�u�t� �t�h�a�t� �t�h�e�s�e� �a�r�e� �p�r�o�b�a�b�l�y� �d�a�t�e�d� �t�o� �W�W�2� �a�n�d� �t�h�e� �A�m�e�r�i�c�a�n� �s�o�l�d�i�e�r�s� �t�h�a�t� �w�e�r�e� �c�a�r�r�i�e�d� �i�n� �t�h�e� �v�e�h�i�c�l�e�.� �T�h�e�y� �w�e�r�e� �s�u�p�p�l�i�e�d� �a�s� �p�a�r�t� �o�f� �t�h�e� �K�-�r�a�t�i�o�n�s�.���

BGP 4149

Whilst working on the pigeon van/ambulance car BGP 4149 we discovered hundreds of chewing gum wrappers tucked into the bases of the roof hoops. I've found out that these are probably dated to WW2 and the American soldiers that were carried in the vehicle. They were supplied as part of the K-rations.

© Ian Rushin