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Welcome to the members area of Railway Vehicle Preservations where you will find various matters for members of RVP, such as newsletters.

Whilst there isn't much on here at the moment, in time I hope to build this area into a resource that all members can use, for the time being you will find the e-newsletter, Outlook and AGM notices available for downloading..

AGM - RVP 2019 AGM Proxy.pdf (5.62 KB)
AGM - RVP 2019 Accounts .pdf (257.18 KB)
AGM - RVP 2019 Notice.pdf (113.48 KB)
AGM - RVP Ordinary Resolution 2007-11-17.pdf (214.53 KB)
AGM - RVP Ordinary Resolution 2020-02-08.pdf (105.57 KB)