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30th December 2015 - Update on running dates

Dates when our buffet car, 24278, is operational between now and the end of January can be found here.

18th December 2015 - Diesel Brake Tender

A�n� �i�m�a�g�e� �o�f� �t�h�e� �f�i�r�s�t� �i�n�t�e�r�m�e�d�i�a�t�e� �r�o�o�f� �s�u�p�p�o�r�t�s� �f�o�r� �t�h�e� �d�i�e�s�e�l� �b�r�a�k�e� �t�e�n�d�e�r�,� �i�n� �t�h�e� �r�i�n�g� �r�o�l�l�e�r�s� �a�t� �T�A�S� �E�n�g�i�n�e�e�r�i�n�g� �i�n� �B�u�r�t�o�n� �o�n� �T�r�e�n�t�.��� B964122

An image of the first intermediate roof supports for the diesel brake tender, in the ring rollers at TAS Engineering in Burton on Trent.

© Phil Stanbridge

22nd November 2015

O�u�r� �t�w�o� �L�N�E�R� �T�P�O� �v�e�h�i�c�l�e�s� �a�r�e� �n�o�w� �u�n�d�e�r� �c�o�v�e�r� �a�t� �S�w�i�t�h�l�a�n�d�.��� LNER TPOs

Our two LNER TPO vehicles are now under cover at Swithland.

© Brian Hallett

T�h�e� �D�B�T� �i�s� �n�o�w� �i�n� �f�r�o�n�t� �o�f� �t�h�e� �s�h�e�d� �a�t� �R�o�t�h�l�e�y� �f�o�r� �w�o�r�k� �t�o� �c�o�n�t�i�n�u�e� �o�n� �t�h�e� �b�r�a�k�i�n�g� �s�y�s�t�e�m�,� �a� �v�a�s�t� �a�m�o�u�n�t� �o�f� �w�o�r�k� �h�a�s� �b�e�e�n� �u�n�d�e�r�t�a�k�e�n� �i�n� �r�e�c�e�n�t� �m�o�n�t�h�s� �b�e�h�i�n�d� �t�h�e� �s�c�e�n�e�s� �a�w�a�y� �f�r�o�m� �t�h�e� �r�a�i�l�w�a�y� �w�h�i�c�h� �w�i�l�l� �h�e�l�p� �t�o�w�a�r�d�s� �a� �r�a�p�i�d� �c�o�m�p�l�e�t�i�o�n� �o�f� �t�h�i�s� �p�r�o�j�e�c�t�.��� B964122

The DBT is now in front of the shed at Rothley for work to continue on the braking system, a vast amount of work has been undertaken in recent months behind the scenes away from the railway which will help towards a rapid completion of this project.

© Brian Hallett

T�h�o�m�p�s�o�n� �B�Z� �E�7�0�6�5�4�E� �i�n�s�i�d�e� �t�h�e� �s�h�e�d� �a�t� �R�o�t�h�l�e�y� � �r�e�c�e�i�v�i�n�g� �m�a�i�n�t�e�n�a�n�c�e� �a�n�d� �a� �r�o�o�f� �r�e�p�a�i�n�t�.��� BZ 70654

Thompson BZ E70654E inside the shed at Rothley receiving maintenance and a roof repaint.

© Brian Hallett

16th November 2015 - BR CCT 94606 - For Sale

RVP has for sale the vehicle illustrated here.

The vehicle is offered as seen and we are looking for offers in the region of 2,500 plus VAT. BR built Covered Carriage Truck No 94606. Located at Rothley, Great Central Railway.

© Brian Hallett

8th November 2015 - Buffet Car 24278

The last gala and running of the buffet car for this year will be on Saturday 21 & Sunday 22 November. All RVP members are invited and on production of membership card will be given a GENEROUS discount on purchases from the Gresley Buffet car. Offers of help would also be greatly received. Timetables will be on the GCR site nearer the day.

The Santa specials start on Saturday 28 November, the Gresley buffet car & our pigeon van form part of one of the trains.

Other running dates are December 5, 6, 9, 12, 13, 16, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 and 24. If anyone can help on these dates please let me know asap. I will need help on Sundays in particular and towards the last few days. I can be contacted via email.

Thanking you all in advance and a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all.

Mick Dickman

26th October 2015 - RVP AGM

RVP's AGM has been set for 10am on 28th November at Lovatt House, 3 Warncliffe Road, Loughborough, LE11 1SL

11th October 2015 - TPO 80301

It is pleasing to report that 80301 has now left the GCR for repairs to take place.

26th September 2015 - TPO Runs

It is with regret that the GCR have informed us that they will be unable to operate the TPO set as planned during the Gala next weekend due to operational difficulties.

6th September 2015 - Swithland Shed

T�h�e� �v�i�e�w� �o�f� �t�h�e� �s�h�e�d� �a�t� �S�w�i�t�h�l�a�n�d� �n�o�w� �t�h�a�t� �a�l�l� �f�o�u�r� �r�o�a�d�s� �a�r�e� �c�o�n�n�e�c�t�e�d� �t�o� �t�h�e� �G�C�R�.��� Swithland Shed

The view of the shed at Swithland now that all four roads are connected to the GCR.

© Brian Hallett

18th July 2015

RVO62 has arrived from the printers and is currently being slipped into envelopes along with some more raffle tickets for our TTO appeal for 23981. I hope to have these in the post on Monday, but more likely Tuesday.

Work on RVO63 is starting now, as this needs to be out by late October, to meet with AGM deadlines, so if you have anything that you would like included then please send it to me as soon as you can. I am not looking just at current activities but also articles and pictures from TPO experiences, LNER and BR(E) duties or memories of early RVP days that go to give the human connection to our collection of vehicles.

Can I also repeat the appeal for help to operate the buffer car, we do need help to staff this vehicle to help raise funds for not only its upkeep but the restoration of other vehicles in the collection.

12th July 2015 - LNER Buffet Car

With the GCR no longer needing to use our LNER art deco buffet car on a regular basis we now have the opportunity to run the vehicle ourselves on a regular basis once again. To achieve this we need to build a team of people that can operate the buffet when it is in service.

To operate the buffet car efficiently requires two or three people to serve hot drinks, crisps, chocolate bars and various bottled beverages.

Can you spare a day every now and then to help RVP run the buffet car? This will help raise funds to assist in the restoration work we do on our historic collection of vehicles, if so please get in contact with us at buffetcar@rvp-ltd.org.uk so that we can begin to organise a rota.

11th July 2015 - LNER TTO 23981

N�e�w� �c�r�o�s�s� �m�e�m�b�e�r�s� �h�a�v�e� �b�e�e�n� �m�a�n�u�f�a�c�t�u�r�e�d� �f�o�r� �t�h�e� �b�o�g�i�e� �f�r�o�m� �L�N�E�R� �T�T�O� �2�3�9�8�1� �t�h�a�t� �h�a�d� �s�e�v�e�r�e� �c�o�r�r�o�s�i�o�n�,� �h�e�r�e� �t�h�e�y� �a�r�e� �s�e�e�n� �t�e�m�p�o�r�a�r�i�l�y� �i�n�s�t�a�l�l�e�d� �t�o� �e�n�s�u�r�e� �t�h�a�t� �t�h�e�y� �f�i�t� �c�o�r�r�e�c�t�l�y�.��� 23981

New cross members have been manufactured for the bogie from LNER TTO 23981 that had severe corrosion, here they are seen temporarily installed to ensure that they fit correctly.

© Chris Lang

15th June 2015

RVO62 has now been completed and will be with the printers in the next few days.

23rd May 2015 - Diesel Brake Tender

W�o�r�k� �c�o�n�t�i�n�u�e�s� �o�n� �t�h�e� �D�i�e�s�e�l� �B�r�a�k�e� �T�e�n�d�e�r�,� �w�i�t�h� �t�h�e� �m�a�i�n� �a�r�e�a� �c�o�n�c�e�n�t�r�a�t�i�n�g� �o�n� �t�h�e� �b�r�a�k�e� �l�i�n�k�a�g�e� �c�o�m�p�o�n�e�n�t�s�.� �I�n� �t�h�e� �i�m�a�g�e� �s�h�o�w�n� �h�e�r�e� �i�t� �c�a�n� �b�e� �s�e�e�n� �t�h�a�t� �t�h�e� �f�r�a�m�e�w�o�r�k� �t�h�a�t� �w�i�l�l� �h�o�l�d� �t�h�e� �v�a�c�u�u�m� �c�y�l�i�n�d�e�r�s� �i�s� �n�o�w� �i�n� �p�l�a�c�e�.��� B964122

Work continues on the Diesel Brake Tender, with the main area concentrating on the brake linkage components. In the image shown here it can be seen that the framework that will hold the vacuum cylinders is now in place.

© Brian Hallett

6th May 2015 - Gresley takeover

A� �s�i�g�h�t� �t�h�a�t� �y�o�u� �d�o�n� t� �g�e�t� �t�o� �s�e�e� �v�e�r�y� �o�f�t�e�n�,� �t�h�r�e�e� �G�r�e�s�l�e�y� �d�e�s�i�g�n�e�d� �c�o�a�c�h�e�s� �s�i�d�e� �b�y� �s�i�d�e� �i�n� �R�o�t�h�l�e�y� �w�o�r�k�s� �a�t� �t�h�e� �s�a�m�e� �t�i�m�e� �a�l�l� �b�e�i�n�g� �w�o�r�k�e�d� �u�p�o�n�.�
�T�h�e� �i�m�a�g�e�,� �b�y� �C�h�r�i�s� �L�a�n�g�,� � �s�h�o�w�s� �f�o�r�m�e�r� �L�N�E�R� �p�i�g�e�o�n� �v�a�n� �4�1�4�9� �o�n� �t�h�e� �l�e�f�t� �h�a�n�d� �s�i�d�e�,� �w�h�i�c�h� �i�s� �b�e�i�n�g� �c�o�s�m�e�t�i�c�a�l�l�y� �r�e�s�t�o�r�e�d� �a�s� �a�n� �a�m�b�u�l�a�n�c�e� �c�o�a�c�h�.� �T�h�e� �c�e�n�t�r�e� �r�o�a�d� �h�o�l�d�s� �L�N�E�R� �t�o�u�r�i�s�t� �t�h�i�r�d� �o�p�e�n� �2�3�9�8�1� �w�h�i�c�h� �i�s� �u�n�d�e�r�g�o�i�n�g� �a� �m�a�j�o�r� �r�e�b�u�i�l�d�.� �F�i�n�a�l�l�y� �o�n� �t�h�e� �r�i�g�h�t� �h�a�n�d� �s�i�d�e� �i�s� �L�N�E�R� �b�u�f�f�e�t� �c�a�r� �E�9�1�2�4�E�,� �w�h�i�c�h� �i�s� �o�w�n�e�d� �b�y� �t�h�e� �D�a�v�i�d� �C�l�a�r�k�e� �R�a�i�l�w�a�y� �T�r�u�s�t�.��� Gresleys

A sight that you don t get to see very often, three Gresley designed coaches side by side in Rothley works at the same time all being worked upon. The image, by Chris Lang, shows former LNER pigeon van 4149 on the left hand side, which is being cosmetically restored as an ambulance coach. The centre road holds LNER tourist third open 23981 which is undergoing a major rebuild. Finally on the right hand side is LNER buffet car E9124E, which is owned by the David Clarke Railway Trust.

© Chris Lang

11th April 2015 - LNER TTO 23981

O�n�e� �o�f� �t�h�e� �b�o�g�i�e�s� �f�r�o�m� �2�3�9�8�1� �h�a�v�i�n�g� �b�e�e�n� �g�r�i�t� �b�l�a�s�t�e�d� �a�n�d� �p�a�i�n�t�e�d� �i�n� �p�r�i�m�e�r� �i�s� �s�e�e�n� �a�t� �S�w�i�t�h�l�a�n�d� �S�i�d�i�n�g�s� �o�n� �9�t�h� �A�p�r�i�l� �2�0�1�5�.� �T�h�i�s� �w�i�l�l� �s�o�o�n� �b�e� �m�o�v�e�d� �b�a�c�k� �t�o� �R�o�t�h�l�e�y� �f�o�r� �r�e�a�s�s�e�m�b�l�y�.��� 23981

One of the bogies from 23981 having been grit blasted and painted in primer is seen at Swithland Sidings on 9th April 2015. This will soon be moved back to Rothley for reassembly.

© Chris Lang

3rd April 2015 - LNER TTO 23981

Some good news ....

We have received a donation of 2,000 towards the appeal for LNER TTO 23981, which means that the appeal has now raised in excess of 27,000 towards the target of 35,000. Just around 8,000 to go, so maybe time to open the cheque books and make a donation.

3rd April 2015 - LNER TPO E70294E

Some bad news to report I am afraid. Our LNER TPO sorter, E70294E, has been visited by some people who have no regard for our heritage and who also think they have the right to spray paint anything close by.

It is understood that the sorting side of the coach, the opposite side to the apparatus, has been attacked and will need repainting. A plan is being formulated for this to occur, but as all supporters of heritage railways know it is yet another unneeded job when there are so many other productive tasks we can be getting on with.

30th March 2015 - Swithland Shed

T�h�e� �f�i�r�s�t� �o�f� �R�V�P�'�s� �v�e�h�i�c�l�e�s� �h�a�v�e� �n�o�w� �m�o�v�e�d� �i�n�t�o� �t�h�e� �s�h�e�d� �a�t� �S�w�i�t�h�l�a�n�d�,� �w�i�t�h� �t�h�e� �t�w�o� �b�o�x� �v�a�n�s� �a�n�d� �L�N�E�R� �B�T�K� �6�2�5�6�5� �o�n� �t�h�e� �l�e�f�t�,� �a�l�o�n�g� �w�i�t�h� �a� �c�o�u�p�l�e� �o�f� �n�o�n� �R�V�P� �v�e�h�i�c�l�e�s� �o�n� �t�h�e� �r�i�g�h�t� �h�a�n�d� �s�i�d�e�.��� Swithland

The first of RVP's vehicles have now moved into the shed at Swithland, with the two box vans and LNER BTK 62565 on the left, along with a couple of non RVP vehicles on the right hand side.

© Darren Martin

T�h�e� �f�i�r�s�t� �o�f� �R�V�P�'�s� �v�e�h�i�c�l�e�s� �h�a�v�e� �n�o�w� �m�o�v�e�d� �i�n�t�o� �t�h�e� �s�h�e�d� �a�t� �S�w�i�t�h�l�a�n�d�,� �w�i�t�h� �t�h�e� �t�w�o� �b�o�x� �v�a�n�s� �a�n�d� �L�N�E�R� �B�T�K� �6�2�5�6�5� �o�n� �t�h�e� �r�i�g�h�t� �a�l�o�n�g� �w�i�t�h� �a� �c�o�u�p�l�e� �o�f� �n�o�n� �R�V�P� �v�e�h�i�c�l�e�s� �o�n� �t�h�e� �l�e�f�t� �h�a�n�d� �s�i�d�e�.��� Swithland

The first of RVP's vehicles have now moved into the shed at Swithland, with the two box vans and LNER BTK 62565 on the right along with a couple of non RVP vehicles on the left hand side.

© Darren Martin

30th March 2015 - Diesel Brake Tender

C�o�m�p�o�n�e�n�t�s� �f�o�r� �t�h�e� �n�e�w� �D�i�e�s�e�l� �B�r�a�k�e� �T�e�n�d�e�r� �b�e�i�n�g� �b�u�i�l�t� �a�t� �R�o�t�h�l�e�y� �t�a�k�e� �s�h�a�p�e� �b�e�h�i�n�d� �t�h�e� �s�c�e�n�e�s�.� �T�h�e�s�e� �p�a�r�t�s� �w�i�l�l� �b�e� �u�s�e�d� �t�o� �h�o�u�s�e� �t�h�e� �v�a�c�u�u�m� �b�r�a�k�e� �c�y�l�i�n�d�e�r�s� �a�n�d� �a�s�s�o�c�i�a�t�e�d� �p�a�r�t�s� �w�i�t�h�i�n� �t�h�e� �f�r�a�m�e�s� �o�f� �t�h�e� �v�e�h�i�c�l�e�.��� B964122

Components for the new Diesel Brake Tender being built at Rothley take shape behind the scenes. These parts will be used to house the vacuum brake cylinders and associated parts within the frames of the vehicle.

© Paul Harrison

P�a�r�t�s� �b�e�i�n�g� �t�r�i�a�l� �f�i�t�t�e�d� �t�o� �t�h�e� �D�i�e�s�e�l� �B�r�a�k�e� �T�e�n�d�e�r�.��� B964122

Parts being trial fitted to the Diesel Brake Tender.

© Brian Hallett

5th February 2015 - Update on TTO 23981

An update on this project can be found here.