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11th August 2019 - LNER Beavertail 1719

L�N�E�R� �B�e�a�v�e�r�t�a�i�l� �1�7�1�9� �h�a�v�i�n�g� �r�e�c�e�i�v�e�d� �i�t�s� �f�i�r�s�t� �c�o�a�t� �o�f� �g�l�o�s�s� �d�u�r�i�n�g� �i�t�s� �c�u�r�r�e�n�t� �r�e�p�a�i�n�t� �f�o�l�l�o�w�i�n�g� �r�e�p�a�i�r�s� �t�o� �i�t�s� �s�p�r�i�n�g�s� �a�n�d� �r�e�p�l�a�c�e�m�e�n�t� �o�f� �s�o�m�e� �w�i�n�d�o�w�s� �p�a�n�e�s�.��� Beavertail 1719

LNER Beavertail 1719 having received its first coat of gloss during its current repaint following repairs to its springs and replacement of some windows panes.

© Paul Harrison

14th June 2019 - Travelling Post Office to go mainline

RVP are hoping to return our TPO set to the mainline in 2021 to commemorate the 85 years since the production of 'Night Mail' back in 1936. Details are available at Night Mail 85 as well as on our 'Just Giving' appeal page at Night Mail 85 Appeal

13th April 2019 - LNER TTO 23981

L�N�E�R� �T�T�O� �2�3�9�8�1� �i�n�s�i�d�e� �t�h�e� �w�o�r�k�s�h�o�p�s� �a�t� �R�o�t�h�l�e�y� �w�h�e�r�e� �i�t�s� �m�a�j�o�r� �r�e�s�t�o�r�a�t�i�o�n� �i�s� �n�o�w� �c�o�n�t�i�n�u�i�n�g�.��� TTO 23981

LNER TTO 23981 inside the workshops at Rothley where its major restoration is now continuing.

© Brian Hallett

30th March 2019 - LNER Beavertail 1719

L�N�E�R� �B�e�a�v�e�r�t�a�i�l� �1�7�1�9�,� �w�i�t�h� �t�h�e� �b�o�d�y�w�o�r�k� �b�e�i�n�g� �s�a�n�d�e�d� �d�o�w�n� �i�n� �p�r�e�p�a�r�a�t�i�o�n� �f�o�r� �a� �r�e�p�a�i�n�t��� 1719

LNER Beavertail 1719, with the bodywork being sanded down in preparation for a repaint

© Phil Stanbridge

7th February 2019 - NRM Donation

R�V�P� �h�a�s� �j�u�s�t� �t�a�k�e�n� �d�e�l�i�v�e�r�y� �o�f� �a� �q�u�a�n�t�i�t�y� �o�f� �T�r�a�v�e�l�l�i�n�g� �P�o�s�t� �O�f�f�i�c�e� �p�a�r�t�s� �f�r�o�m� �t�h�e� �N�a�t�i�o�n�a�l� �R�a�i�l�w�a�y� �M�u�s�e�u�m�,� �w�h�o� �h�a�v�e� �d�o�n�a�t�e�d� �t�h�e�m� �t�o� �u�s�.� �T�h�e� �i�m�a�g�e� �s�h�o�w�s� �j�u�s�t� �a� �s�m�a�l�l� �s�e�c�t�i�o�n� �o�f� �t�h�e� �a�r�t�e�f�a�c�t�s� �t�h�a�t� �h�a�v�e� �b�e�e�n� �c�o�l�l�e�c�t�e�d� �f�r�o�m� �Y�o�r�k� �a�n�d� �a�r�e� �n�o�w� �s�t�o�r�e�d� �a�w�a�i�t�i�n�g� �c�a�t�a�l�o�g�u�i�n�g�.��� TPO Parts

RVP has just taken delivery of a quantity of Travelling Post Office parts from the National Railway Museum, who have donated them to us. The image shows just a small section of the artefacts that have been collected from York and are now stored awaiting cataloguing.

© Brian Hallett