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In 2005 RVP Ltd took a lease on a 3/4 mile section of the former Mountsorrel Railway, which runs off the GCR at Swithland Sidings. We are seeking to satisfy our single most important need - to provide secure weatherproof storage for our collection of historic vehicles. However the project has developed and we are also aiming to restore the branch line, and recreate Swithland Sidings original pupose as the interface between private branch and GCR main line. The project was launched as the Nunckley Hill appeal, but with considerable local community support has now evolved into the Mountsorrel Railway Project. A largely local volunteer team has formed to rebuild the railway and progress has been remarkable, and extends well beyond RVP's boundaries. Over 20,000 has been raised, and work done to many times that value by local companies and supporters.

PlanThe extent of RVP's land is shown in the map showing the full extent of the branch is hown on the link below. The RVP section curves away from the GCR at the North end of Swithland sidings. In the triangle between the branch and the GCR main line were former sidings (which we intend to reinstate and possibly use as site for a carriage shed).The line then continues straight for half mile to the boundary of RVP's section. Beyond this point a further 3/4 mile of the formation survives, via Wood Lane bridge, to Bond Lane bridge on the edge of Mountsorrel village.We are currently raising funds and working to re-instate the full length of RVPs section, and associated sidings. In addition the volunteer team have reached agreement with Lafarge Ltd to continue the clearance and preparation of the formation beyond our boundary onto their land. RVP are, of course, fully supportive of this work and the possibilities it may offer in the future (although RVP members and GCR supporters should remember this is private land and must be accessed only with permission from Lafarge Ltd).The volunteer team maintain a comprehensive website which can be found at:

RVP Ltd wish to record our thanks to all of the volunteers involved, Lafarge Ltd, McCanns (Nottingham Ltd), GCR PLC and Mountorrel Parish Council for their support in this developing project.